Rene goes to Hollywood

  • Avanca Film Festival 2011

    Winner Best Actor

  • Avanca Film Festival 2011

    Winner Best Actress

  • Avanca Film Festival 2011

    Winner Special Mention - Feature Film

  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2010

    Gran Prix Nomination

About the film

Renee Dadiani, a big city dweller, teaches video art in a film school but at the same time he works for a propane delivery office. He claims that real men are men of many hats. In a film school he's one of the avid preachers of self-initiated absurd theory: one can enhance the power of imagination by way of altering consciousness that, on its turn, can give way to new reality. Renee often observes city life through his Handycam.

  • Written by

    Aleko Tsabadze

  • DOP

    Konstantin Esadze

  • Starring

    Niko Gomelauri

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